img_0940We to know that queer folks have a long history of taking action and speaking our truth. There are some powerful ideas, tactics, and strategies (and lessons learned) to draw from the days of the Macchinette Societies, Stonewall riots, AIDs epidemic, ACT UP, queer youth rights community organizing that actually makes it better, battles for civil unions and marriage equality, and all the fights for not just equity, but unabashed flaming fierceness in between.

Queer folks have also had a history of leaving folks behind and we must remain resolute to doing our own internal and external work to check our bias and privileges in our daily lives and in our organizing.

This is a moment for “retired” activists, current organizers to “tag in” and become consistently active in this intersectional movement as we move forward. New to this? An introvert? We got you all too boos. Here is a growing list of ways for you to l̶e̶a̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶, s̶t̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶g̶h̶t̶, get into it with all of us. Trust that Pop-Up! QDP will be right there with you creating this space and signal boosting for you.


[[[Social Energy Key: !!! = extroverts ***=introverts %%%=everyone]]]

  • Show up …
    • at protests and other actions being organized around you, for various causes. (!!!)
    • in the lives of those who are most impacted by the changes Trump officials will make. Check in by calling them, texting, writing (with a pen or email) sending care packages, having dinner—and otherwise talking/feeling about what is happening. (%%%)
  • Write (***) and call (!!!) your representatives on a federal, state, and local level (frequently) to hold them to account.
  • Run for office (%%%). Especially if you are not a white, biological male, who is well to do (no party affiliation needed, you can learn how!). (yes, there are introverts in elected office).
  • Go to public meetings(***) and speak up (!!!). School board meetings, city council/select board meetings, planning and zoning meetings, Vermont Town Meetings, and many more are ALL public. What is discussed in these meetings often will impact your daily life very directly.
  • Pay attention (%%%). On a personal safety level and on a local and national level—remember, these are not normal times, don’t be lulled into it.
  • Donate (%%%). to the radical/meaningful organization of your choice and make the donation in honor of whichever Trump official is attacking the civil rights that org protects. Every dollar matters.
  • Get creative(%%%). You can make a disruption or action occur with any sized group.
    • Start a book group
    • Have a queer dance party outside/at a place/happening that needs to be disrupted.
    • Make art.
    • Start a blog.
  • Disrupt acts of bias, discrimination, or prejudice you witness (%%%). blatant (example: obvious harassment) or latent (example: someone saying something “sorta racists.”). Stay safe, but do something – approach the impacted person and offer support (***), tell someone they sound racist when they say that & you know that is not what they intend, so don’t say it (!!!)., or for more dangerous situations, call for back up (%%%).
  • Get educated (%%%). On the issues, civil disobedience tactics, how to join affinity efforts, and more. Tap into existing groups to learn or pick up writings from many past historically effective civil rights efforts.
  • Vote in every election(%%%). VT Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 7.
  • Learn how to be part of civil disobedience actions (%%%).. Attend a workshop, be a support person (***), prepare and participate in an intentional disruption and get arrested (%%%).
  • Go to the Vermont Statehouse (%%%). Witness the process (***), and engage in conversations with your state senators and reps (!!!). It is the people’s house, just move the lobbyists will have to make room in those small committee rooms.
  • Talk about what is happening IRL (in real life)(%%%).
  • Don’t let online trolls go unanswered (%%%)., but don’t fall down the wormhole of no return with them either. Comment back with facts, truth, and model respect. Challenge the ideas, not the person.
  • Stay engaged (not just enraged) on social media (%%%) with orgs doing the hard work right here in our brave little state of Vermont.
  • Offer up constructive feedback on the movement, but tag the f*ck in too (%%%).
  • Put your phone down (%%%) — especially out in public, and make eye contact with each other. Smile, say hello, make new connections.
  • Don’t see something that you can or want to do? Create your own action. (%%%).

This is not a final list. Add to it yourself or share an idea with us in the comments below! Or email and we will add it to this list too!