urlHello there!

Have an idea for an event? Want to perform? Want to volunteer? Want to just be BFFs with Pop-Up! Queer Dance Party?

Sure thing!

Email our producer DJ Llu at pop.up.queer.dance.party@gmail.com.

K, thx.



3 thoughts on “contact us

  1. After talking to friends, I have the courage to stand up and say, using the word queer is offensive to many of. It brings back pains of our youth, and while it may have been reclaimed by “our” community, I don’t want it used to describe a dance party. Queer is still used to attack gay men and women, and trans people. I have talked with a group of friends, and we are willing to hold a town hall meeting, that’ll I’ll and amber lemay with host, to have dialogue for all those offended. Please feel free to let me know when you are available to hear our complaints.

  2. Ricky, leaving a comment on our contact page instead of using the email clearly listed or the constant offer of phone calls or in person meetings has led to us only seeing this post now. As we have communicated with you frequently with you over the last few weeks on social media, the offer was out there and you never actually took us up on the in person meeting.

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