Hello lovelies –

First, on behalf of Nikki Champagne, Noah Dictive, and DJ Llu (the SASS producers), thank you for joining us the last four months for our experiment in bringing back a monthly queer party to Higher Ground. We saw so many new faces, had a blast playing games with you, and of course, dancing to a thumping beat.

Your unwavering support of creating queer space with us means a lot.

It is no secret in the last four months the queer community has been going through a struggle about how we can be in social space with each other, but also how we are in conflict with each other. It has not been pretty, there has not been resolution, and it has clearly directly impacted the social scene.

We started SASS as an experiment. Our goal was to provide creative, earlier in the night, games and activities for folks to engage with each other in—to meet new folks, have fun with friends, etc.—and then dance. For those who have come out, we hope you had this experience. We still think there is a growing interest in this format, but the expense of doing this monthly just hasn’t met pace with those who have been able to turn out.

It is a total bummer, but we are going to have to pause SASS as a result.

We are looking to go back to our “holiday” scheduling to hold our annual bigger parties for Pride, Queeroween, and New Queers Eve this fall. Stay tuned for those dates!

With much love,

Llu, Nikki & Noah