The new location of our bar “SAD!”

After much planning, Pop-Up! Queer Dance Party is pleased to announced today, April 1, 2017 that we are opening a new bar in Burlington, exclusively for the Trump Administration’s top officials who have or will be indicted, fired, or otherwise discredited and prosecuted over the next four years. We know they will need a place to come while they await their jail time and hide from public scrutiny. We will have robust programming that will include: watching the mid-term elections roll in in 2018, the launch of the campaigns for the Presidential race of 2020, and live C-SPAN streaming of defeats of Congressional bills and judicial decisions pertaining to their racist, misogynistic, homophobic, awful policies.

We know the name of the bar is key, so we are naming it after one of our President’s favorite words, “SAD.”

We open Monday at the old Half Lounge location on Church Street!