13428488_1029341587102825_6604939548479048769_n#WeArePulse: QUEER ART & MUSIC ACTION

Join your queer & allied community for a pop-up queer art & music action to honor the 49 lives lost in the Pulse nightclub mass shooting.

Meet in the alley between City Hall & Burlington City Arts. Bring chalk, bring music (instruments, drums, your voice), and bring rainbows (flags and such). We will make queer space together and honor our fallen sisters, brothers, and others.

We hope for 49 people to come and each take a name to chalk as artfully as you wish.

We ask any and all local musicians to come to play music together during this.

Once the names are chalked, we will surround them with our love and light and read their names aloud, helping to rest in power, queerness and light.



We are grateful to have the full support of the City of Burlington through the Burlington City Arts and Parks & Rec departments, as well as the Church Street Marketplace for this event and for the art to remain untouched till mother nature washes their names away.

Please note there will be no speeches, no politicians, and no press allowed at this event.

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