howdy Vermont queers!

Pop-Up QDP’s capacity continues to shift and change as we start this new year. We are going to focus on a few holiday parties this year – continuing to move away from an every month model, which was just unsustainable for critical mass of party goers and the expense of renting the spaces and paying DJs and such. Here is what we are thinking for 2015:

  • the now annual WAYNE’S WIFFLEBALL GAME – sometime this summer, TBD…
  • Friday, September 11th – 4th QUEER PRIDE PARTY (as part of Vermont Pride that whole weekend).
  • Saturday, October 31st – QUEER HALLOWEEN
  • Thursday, December 31st – NEW QUEERS EVE

10421280_782693285100991_7500746347948908587_nWe are working on venues for all these parties, so stay tuned for more details on this website & our facebook page.

Thanks for all being so swell.


Pop-up! QDP

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