dear vermont queers:

Pop-Up! is going to a summer vacation for a few months.  It has been a fab and solid 2 1/2 years of providing non-stop monthly creative queer events for the Burlington area and we are tuckered out.  With Chopper heading off to grad school last summer, I (DJ Llu) have been on a solo mission to keep pop-up going with the help of a few other folks on pop-up event days which has been really helpful.  Even with that help, the turnout at pop-ups in the last 6 months has not been enough to help us break even on costs…boo money.  So, with those factors in mind, we are gonna take a break, regroup and switch to a more random “pop-up” schedule for the rest of 2014 – — which will include (for now), a big Queer Pride Party (Fri. Sept. 12th at Arts Riot) and the 3rd New Queers Eve (at Higher Ground).
I know with First Fridays at Higher Ground ending, this will lead to a big void in dance parties, but hopefully the community will covet the fewer queer dance parties and make them extra fab when they happen.

Thank you all your love for pop-up.

DJ Llu

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