209049In an attempt to help cross promote, try to not book the same nights in the same area, and generally build community amongst the queer social event producers in the state, we are looking to reach out to all queer event producers in Vermont (non-profit and for-profit).  Are you a producer?  Know someone who is?  Please pass this on!

Calling all queer Vermont event producers!

Get your events listed at the RU12? Community Center event calendar (they are one of the most visited places on the web to get your events seen for free by the queer community!).  Details here.

Sign up for the new queer VT producers listserv and network with other folks about your events.  Sign up here:


Questions? Drop DJLlu@mac.com a line.

The following are queer events/producers we know or are looking for.  Help us outreach please?

On our queer radar:

We are trying to track down the actual producers for:
Ladies of the Rainbow (Brattleboro)
Papi Javi (Drink/Burlington)
Freeride Montpelier (Montpelier – queer dance parties)
Green Mountain Cross Roads2672322-vermont-usa-map-on-rainbow-background-high-resolution-mercator-projection (Brattleboro)
Randolph Pride at Chandler Music Hall
Burly Bear (Burlington)

Anything or anyone from the Northeast Kingdom area? Rutland? Bennington?  Other areas in Vermont?

Go team!

DJ Llu



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