Weekly Wednesday Pop-Up! Queer GAYme Nights

From October through November 20th, 2013 (just before the holiday – note NO gayme night on Wed. Oct. 30th)), Pop-Up! Queer Dance Party presents a weekly queer GAYme night at the Monkey House in Winooski, VT from 7-9pm.

Each week, is a different rotating GAYme hosted by Kim Jordan (local queer actor, slam poet, and performer), Melvin P. Pickle (from Kings Local 802), and/or Sarah Mell (local queer performer & actor). Prizes for the big winners of each night, 18+ and all free (except for bingo cards!).

Melvin & Kim, your hosts!
Melvin & Kim, your hosts!

1st & 3rd Wed: Pop-Up! Queer Bingo [Bingo cards for sale]

Who doesn’t love bingo? And when you make it queer, well spit!
Come play 7 games, all queer themed, with prizes for each round.

Prices for bingo are:
$5 for a block of seven card with 3 bingo squares.
$8 for block of seven cards, 6 bingo squares across.
$10 for block of seven cards, 9 squares across.

Blotters are available to borrow for the games!

2nd & 4th Wed: Pop-Up! Queer Team Trivia [FREE]

We know the geeky queers have to infiltrate and dominate the few trivia nights around, so we decided it was time to have you come show your smarts in community.

7 rounds of trivia, with prizes and bragging rights for the top team.

Come with a team (4 people max to a team) or make one at Pop-Up! with other trivia fans.


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