kickball ramble photo 2013Spread the word on FB via our event page.  K, thx.

We had so many sporty & wanna be sporty kickballing queers last year that we obvi have to do it again.

Sat. July 27th as part of the Old North End Ramble. 

We had lots of queers last year, so we may play two back to back games of 4 total teams. Depends how many of y’all show. We will have the ball, a ref or two, team captains, and the rest is all you.

We are doing a late morning game time this year, so take note. Looks like we will be playing at the hidden kickball field right behind the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes (on North Street in Burlington, between N. Champlain (a double lane one way going north) and Murray St.

Google map CLICK HERE.

You should probaly start stretching now.

Oh yeah – all ages, all abilities, totally free – good old fashioned kick ball fun.


Deets on the Ramble:

3 thoughts on “Pop-Up! Queer Kick Ball – Sat. July 27th

  1. Hi. This sounds like a lot of fun! The date is conflicted, tho. Is it Sat. 7/27 or Sun. 7/28? Thanks! 🙂

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