On Friday, June 21st Pop-Up Queer Dance Party is hosting ‘POP TALKS; Queer Ideas Worth Spreading.’

We are stoked to announce the pop talkers:

“Pop-Up! Queer Dance Party + me,” by our own Chopper.

“Queer life in the Middle East,” by Emma

“Psychodramatist & radical self acceptance,” by Sue Shaffer.

“The Queering of Fermented Foods,” by Diana Gonzalez.

“Good Enough Now! Debunking myths of social justice heroes,” by Jess Pettitt.

“The Kids Are Not Alright: How Right-Wing Sociologists Are Convincing Courts That Gay Families Are Bad For Children,” by Middlebury Professor, Laurie Essig.

Come get some new knowledge!


[interested in doing a pop talk? details below & due by Fri. June 7th!]

We are looking for local queers and allies to share their inspiring ideas and/or present on an innovative project/program they created/worked on.

Interested?  I thought So!

Here are the details you need to know:

  • Presentation Length: 8-10 Min
  • Equipment: We will be at the Flynn space with a projector and computer connection for presentations (you will need to bring any powerpoint or visual on a jump drive please!).
  • Topic: E-mail you topic proposal (5-8 sentences on what you want to talk about) to Pop Up at: POP.UP.QUEER.DANCE.PARTY@GMAIL.COM

We will be selecting proposals based on diversity of topics and queer identities. deadline for proposal is midnight Friday, June 7th!

Example: So what do we mean?

  • Do you have a unique perspective on something about the queer community or issues that affect our queer lives? Like: queer divorce, birth/adoption, or community organizing?
  • Are you an “expert” on a topic or a skill about queers or as a queer? Like: working in the building trades, an author, or queering up some part of our society.
  • Do you have an idea that you have always wanted to share? Like: Hey, we could really use more queer social space!  What would a “queer district” in Burlington look like? How about a cool mobile sauna with bubble tea? (yes, really).
  • Can you do it in 10 minutes or less and share it in front of a crowd?


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