DJ Llu & Chopper doing some pop-up promo.

Hey you!

Thanks for clicking around our Pop-Up! QDP website.  We upgraded our website at the start of the summer, so to catch you up on our first year in operation here is a quick history lesson.

In the fall of 2011, Chopper & DJ Llu – two life-long Vermonters and Burlington, VT friends – decided enough was enough.  Vermont had been without ANY queer bar for over six years and it was time for someone or some people to step up and create some queer space again.  Lacking the money for a brick & mortar operation (aka an actual gay bar building), Chopper & DJ Llu looked to the growing trend of creative types in urban areas across the U.S. – the “pop-up.”  Pop-Ups are one-time or few-times events and businesses that set up briefly in a temporary spot, to sell wares, create space, and gather people.  One night only and then they disappear.  Chopper & DJ Llu thought, why not pop-up a queer bar?

So, in January of 2012, they did just that.  They created a one-night only queer bar in Winooski, VT, in an unfinished art gallery.  Much to their delight, almost 200 people showed up to dance, connect, and create queer space.  In the months that followed, Chopper & DJ Llu committed to doing one pop-up a month, sometimes switching it from a dance party to a Bingo night or even a Kick Ball game.  Each time, between 50-200 people from all parts of Vermont and all identities of the queer community, came to hang out and have fun.

This is a labor of love.  Each of these Pop-Ups funds the next.  Chopper & DJ Llu donate their time to the cause and rely heavily on the generosity of pop-up goers to volunteer as staff and to pay the cover fees for the event.  The profits go toward rentals, advertising, gear, and paying the DJs.

Learn more about other queer space creators in Vermont from a cool story Seven Days did back in the spring.

Want to join the Pop-Up Crew?  Email Chopper!

Want to DJ a queer dance party? Email Llu?

Want to check one of our pop-ups out?  Check our events page or facebook page for the next pop-up!


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